Review: Elizavecca Green Collagen Jelly Pack

Happy Chinese New Year to my dear WordPress community!

I was thinking about the fact that I have not been doing any skincare product review for far too long… So I went online to search for that one product that I have been itching to try, and went ahead to purchase it.


Elizavecca Collagen Jella Pack Header

12 SGD
I honestly thought this will be expensive. With all the hard work in extracting the pig collagen and mixing it in (yes you read it right!), it must have costed quite a bit.

Even on reliable sites like Koreadepart, it costs around the same.
Again, be careful not to buy fakes!!

It gives you your youth back! At least thats what collagen has been purported to do. Honestly, just the fact that consuming pig/ chicken skin gives collagen gives me doubts. So the idea of applying collagen onto the face does not really seem helpful to me.

I think it serves as the regular sleeping pack with an added benefit: collagen to stimulate the skin’s regenerative ability.

It is a very novel product that certainly got me very interested! Unsurprisingly, I am not the only one. Legions of beauty fanatics actually rave over this controversial product


– 50,000 mg of collagen peptide
– Adenosine
– Bean fermentation extract
– Macadamia seed oil
– Cacao seed extract

It does not contain parabens/mineral oil/ethanol.


Anybody who had used this would tell you that the application is really one of a kind. The product is in a jelly form which literally looks like pig fats, except that it does not smell like one.

No matter how much I try to sniff it, it just smells like peach jello. I don’t know if it makes sense but jello has a scent to me! I’m thankful that it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell.

It looks like a broken pudding when mixed but fret not! It is just the collagen giving it that consistency.

Here’s a better idea of how it looks like:

Elizavecca Collagen Jella Pack Sequence

I do not think that it is necessary to mix it, but you may do so in the name of fun.

Mixing it around causes the texture to break up. However if you leave it to sit, it takes about 15 seconds to return to its original unbroken form. This is so interesting! I really wonder what makes it work this way…

You might worry about how to apply it….
Fret not, it melts like a dream…

Elizavecca Collagen Jella Pack Tester

You may use half the size I use. I took a lot of it for illustrative purposes.

So, take a small glob and smooth it onto your skin. You will find that it sits on your skin as jelly first and spreads easily.

It absorbs pretty well into the skin considering its texture. But I suppose it is because it only becomes a jelly texture when disturbed. If you actually just put a glob on your skin, it will slump into a flatter texture.

Does that make any sense? hahahaha!


Till today I have only used this twice with a week between them. Both times I used it in the day so I used a smaller amount. It does leaves skin soft and bouncy! I have not really used it enough to note its age-defying effect, but moisturizing and skin elasticity wise, it managed to achieve a desirable enough effect!

Overall, I would give this a 7 out of 10! I gave it extra points for its novelty. Effect wise, it serves at best to be the average sleeping pack you can get outside!

I do find myself reaching out for this still because it is the only anti-aging product I have at the moment ;D

It is important to start anti-aging care right now in your early twenties because that is when your skin starts to slowly lose its regenerative powers.
Think of it as an engine. No doubt that over time, the engine’s performance will dwindle. However, proper maintenance and care in the early stages will keep it performing longer at its peak.
After all, you do not wait for an engine to show signs of breaking down before giving it proper maintenance! By then it would have been too late!


Hope you guys enjoy this post! I myself enjoyed every bit of applying the product hahaha!
If you have tried this product, do tell me what you think of it in the comments! 🙂

Review: Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Remember the post I wrote back then about how to treat oily hair?

Well this post is jackpot for those that are spending hundreds on their hair care products yet still do not see the desired effect that they hoped to achieve.

The human scalp naturally produces oil- better known as sebum. This oil is in fact the best oil for your hair. Look to your left and right and you will see brands coming out with oil products that mimic this very oil: Sebum.

After all, our body knows what is best for itself!

Hair that is dry and lifeless is usually because of lack of oil and moisture. This happens when the sebum the scalp produces does not reach the rest of the hair.

The result is all the sebum resting on your scalp, making your crown look like aglio olio.
What you need is a brush that collects all the oil and distributes it evenly throughout the scalp. Boar bristled brushes are the best for this as they are natural hairs that hold on to sebum and spreads it throughout your hair as you comb through it.

Google the benefits of boar bristle brushes and you will see.
But just for convenience purposes, I shall list some here for you:
1. Improves hair texture – creates volume
2. Removes gunk
3. Stimulates the scalp (think scalp massage!)
4. Conditions the hair- shiny and smooth

Being blessed with thick and constantly dry hair and an oily crown, I immediately set out on the mission to research for the best boar bristle brush.  I knew at first that Mason Pearson’s brush topped the rest, but I still wanted to do due research. After all, it does not come cheap!

One brush runs up to about SGD 250. At least that was the price when I bought it a year ago.

In the end, I still settled down with the extravagant Mason Pearson brush.


As you can see, the brush is very well-used. And I still kept the box after so long! The brush looks so really pretty sitting on my desk.

After using this for a year +, I can safely tell you that this brush is hardy.

I chose the brush with purely boar bristles even when I have thick hair (they have ones mixed with nylon). They actually recommended nylon mixed boar bristles for those with thick hair, because it works the hair easier.

I bought purely boar bristles because I was thinking if I am going to spend so much on a brush, I definitely want the full package! I did however experienced some difficulties brushing. My hair was too thick for the bristles to actually reach my scalp when I brush my hair backwards.

If you look at the nylon brushes you can see that they are actually longer than the boar bristles. Of course, there are other reasons why nylon is better for thick hair as well.

This brush requires little maintenance. I used to clean it with warm soapy water once every week but realized that I am over-cleaning it. So I switched to once a month cleaning. As for removing the fallen hair with a comb or the mini brush they provide, I do it every week.

So then begin the mission of brushing my hair mad. I actually sat in front of the mirror and brushed for literally 30 minutes for 2 days. The result is seriously astonishing. I had hair so shiny and smooth it looked like as if I went for soft rebonding.

Yes! Brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush can give such an effect! I was so blown over I continue brushing and brushing. And then I discovered I did not have to wash my hair so often after that.

Because less oil is stuck on my crown, there is no need to wash my hair. I went from shampooing my hair daily to shampooing once every three days.

By the third day, my scalp still did not feel itchy and there wasn’t much build up at all. I still did wash it on the third day though for hygiene purposes.

After using this brush, I stopped purchasing hair oils. This brush fulfilled its basic functionality for effectively distributing oils evenly throughout the hair.

I thought that soft, shiny and voluminous hair could only be achieved from the magic salons do, but lo and behold, my hair then seriously looked like I just stepped out of the salon.

It is expensive no doubt, but think of all the money you can save when you stopped buying all those oil or special shampoo products.

This hairbrush could really be your savior!

Now it is time for me to pick up my brush and start brushing… It has been sitting lonely on the desk for quite awhile…..

Homemade Essential Oil Scalp Treatment

So recently, my hair started to get super oily easily. I really would like to think that its because of the cold and dry office environment that caused my scalp to produce even more unnecessary oil for my hair.

Put this together with living in a hot climate and the ungodly ability to perspire a gallon of water everyday. Oh and not to mention being blessed with thick hair. I actually do love my thick hair and how they curl so beautifully on their own but other than that it collects grime and sweat like nobody’s business.

Hot weather + thick hair= more sweat= 24/7 damp scalp. (eewwwwwwwww)

Imagine a land full of thick grass that is always damp. That is the perfect growing space for bacteria and there will be this damp, wet smell. ughhhhhh.

Then comes the mission of finding the solution to this problem. And of course, being the “all things natural” fan that I am, I immediately jump at the chance of using essential oils.

I started off using lavender and then cedarwood, but now I actually find Rosemary the best so far.

I mix 6 drops of Rosemary essential oil with 200ml of water. Sometimes I add more drops but I will recommend those with sensitive scalp not to. Essential oils are very potent and can be too intense on the skin. It therefore must be diluted when used. If 6 drops is too little for you yet you do not want to use more for fear of being “burnt” by the essential oils, you may try mixing in vinegar to the concoction.

Vinegar removes scaly build up and closes the cuticles of the strands. This means more shine for your hair! Your hair might smell like vinegar afterwards but in the name of beauty…. what must be done must be done…

To 200ml of water I would add a tablespoon of vinegar.

So a summary:
– 200ml of water
– 6 drops of essential oil (Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot are all good)
– one tablespoon vinegar

You may want to use a squirt bottle for easy application.

Now… When should we do this treatment?
I recommend doing it after exercising. That is when the pores on your scalp are open and then you can pour the heavenly concoction in to burn them critters!
I do not have a squirt bottle so I just pour them in and massage my scalp with my fingertips in circular motions. I love the slight cooling sensation that comes along with it!

Leave the concoction in for awhile: 3-5 minutes tops. Proceed to rinse it off and then shampoo and condition as per normal.

After that, dry your hair with a hairdryer! This is Important, because wet scalp is a playground for bacteria and fungus. Fun fact: spores are everywhere in the air waiting to settle down in the perfect breeding ground- damp areas.

You do not have to blow dry your entire head of hair, just the scalp area will do.
If you happen to be an essential oil hoarder like me, this is the time to apply some (diluted with carrier oils!) on the scalp.

I will write a post on that soon! 😀 It is just hard when my essential oils are all over the place.




Review: It’s Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector (Whitening)

I remember doing a review on a similar product from this range: VC Effector

This time round, I am going to review the WH Effector. Compared to the VC Effector’s thick serum like consistency, the WH Effector is a whitening essence in clear liquid form that is also dispensed by a built in pipette.

It costs about 12 SGD at airports but I got mine at 10 SGD from a local website. These days, you can actually purchase it at about 7~ 10 SGD as it is pretty popular across cosmetics website. Just be careful not to buy fakes!

It comes in a 30 ml bottle, but I’ve heard there were bottles retailing at 100 ml.

Whitening. Basically, the WH effector is filled with whitening agents such as Arbutin and aims to brighten dull and dark skin tone.
Arbutin is a commonly known whitening ingredient that prevents the formation of Melanin, allowing skin to be fairer and more evenly-toned. Whitening products often contain Arbutin and Niacinamide. You know you are in for the real deal if you see any of this in the ingredient list!

It's Skin WH Effector

It’s Skin WH Effector

I really like this bottle a lot, perhaps even more than the VC Effector because of its efficacy and application. It is a clear and runny liquid that sinks into skin easily, leaving almost little to no stickiness.
I would apply it after my ampoule and before moisturizer. Some actually use it as an ampoule and that is totally okay as well.

I usually just dispense two pea sized amount onto the back of my hand and dab it with fingers and then onto my face.

Fragrance wise, it has a really fresh touch to it so it helps when I use it in the morning!

I’ve used the Honey Bomb (Shara Shara) and Galactomyces Ampoule (Dew & Dew) which have their own great uses but in terms of whitening, the WH Effector beats both of them hands down.
I used to think that my skin has reached its peak in terms of whitening so I didn’t really thought much about this product. To me, it was just something to use to clear my skincare stash. But after using this, I actually went up a shade (at least). I didn’t really notice the change until my boyfriend commented on it hehe.
To me, that’s actually the best affirmation you can get when deciding whether a product works for you.

The product also softens my skin and gives it a dewy effect. You can actually have fair skin that is not glowing, so the dewy effect is something to consider as well when you purchase a whitening product.

My current routine in the morning is: Wash> Bifida ampoule> WH Effector> Garnier Sakura day cream. I do think that the praises I have received on my skin lately is largely attributed to the ampoule and the WH effector.

So if you ask me about the effectiveness of this product, I would say yes, this product is very effective!!!

I think you probably can tell from the praises I’ve sung about this product that I will give it an 8.
I took 2 stars away because moisture wise, it is just average. That is okay though because this product targets whitening and brightening. Plus it is really hard for an ampoule/essence/serum to target whitening, moisturizing and clarifying all at the same time, so I wouldn’t really blame this product 🙂

Evarcarma Birds Nest 24k Gold Aqua Cream (Review)

Hi guys!
Its been so long since I’ve sat down to do a proper review of a product. Finally, I managed to dig out whatever time I have to share with you this miracle skincare product!

But before I start, I wanna just say that due to limited space in WordPress’ photo storage, I will try to combine all the pics together with what meager photoshop skills I have 😛
So please bear with the icky photoshopped effects heh.
I also am going to start rating products against 10 points so it is easier to discern between quality. I have found that I gave a lot of products a 4.

This jar of bird nest goodness is again purchased from Korea via Koreadepart ( I’ve been giving them so much publicity I should start charging :P). It is a luxurious jar that will make you feel like a queen applying it. After all, hadn’t Cleopatra also used bird nest in her skincare regime?
I love that it has a lot of moisturizing ingredients, think bird’s nest extract, deep ocean water, and gold.
The only reason why I was skeptical of it at first was because at 70ml, it costs only 12.2 USD. How did they manage to stuff in so much goodness for just 12.2 USD?!

In the end, I decided to trust my gut and make that purchase.

Evacarma Bird Nest

Evacarma Bird Nest

If you look at that picture closely, you can see the tiny flecks of gold particles embedded in the cream.
Actually till now, I still do not quite believe how Gold can benefit the skin. It is after all a metal and I do not see how putting metal on my face helps it! This product however states that Gold purifies skin and provides an antioxidant effect that gives moist and firm skin. So swallow my doubts I shall.

Other than that, the product is a creamy luxurious texture that melts generously into the skin. It can be pretty heavy, because the cream is thick and luxurious. So those with sensitive skin may want to do a patch test.
When applied to the skin, it feels so soft and rich! It literally melts and sinks into the skin, though it took about 3 minutes for that. It however does not leave skin oily. There is also a slight stickiness that I associate with good creams. I have oily skin but this does not break me out at all.

The next day I just wake up with soft and smooth skin that feels moisturized inside out! My mum and younger sister also felt the effects of this cream. My mum is stingy with praises, so I can only think that she really likes this cream a lot. In fact, I have already purchased a 2nd bottle for her birthday next week! So if you ask me whether I would repurchase, the answer is definitely a yes.

This cream can also be used as a sleeping pack by just applying a thicker layer to skin before bed. I would not use it as a day cream though, simply because it is quite heavy and in such humid weather it would probably not melt properly, not to mention that I perspire very easily.

When I look at this cream, I see it as a product to be used before bed so that all the goodness can be absorbed at the most optimal state during sleep.
However, if you are staying home and in need of a good skin treatment, feel free to use this in the day 🙂

Overall, I will rate this a 10/10 for its efficiency and good price. Way to go Evacarma!

The Top 3 Beauty Products That Every Girl Should Have (and they are cheap!)


I do! I come from a family of “stinginess”, we all love to think long and hard about the purchase before going for it. We love to scrutinize the cost and the worth of the product. It slowly became a habit; and I soon find great joy in making gargantuan use out of my buck. Combine that with being a skincare addict… You get a person who is always on the lookout for cheap yet effective products that will bask your skin in all its glory.

These three products that I am going to talk about are my life saver. They are a miracle and I truly believe that every girl should own these. Psst… These products add up to cost only 8 SGD!!! How cool is that?

So let the drum roll and the roll of honors begin!


This jar of goodness was intended as a skin protectant, when oil miners discovered that their cuts and grazes healed quickly while mining this stuff.

They then realized that the petroleum was actually healing their wounds! That Vaseline tub is what contains all that goodness. When applied, it creates a protective layer and seals the moisture in.

I love to use it as a lip balm because it moisturizes very well plus it gives lips a nice sheen, as if you’ve got some lip gloss on!! The result is soft, moist and kissable lips that look gorgeous. I especially like the jar that contains aloe vera because it just smells so so good!!! I remember bringing this staple with me on my trip to New Zealand. This baby works like a charm!! Even the guys used them. I had a friend that had a frost bite, I just applied this on his finger and it healed very quickly. How do I know it? He keeps coming back for more!

The only downside to this jar is that you have to dip your fingers in to apply. So I always use a hand sanitizer before applying. Really troublesome. You don’t want bacteria in your jar.

But this Vaseline tub comes really cheap (sgd 1.5 is the cheapest I can find) and works like a miracle… I would give up convenience for that. Besides, it’s a fun size tub that is light and convenient to carry about and it lasts forever! It works way better than most lip balms that I’ve bought. Doubling as a moisturizer and a First Aid instrument, I will definitely have this around wherever I go.


Pond’s cold cream cleanser is another beauty product that won me over with little effort. Initially, I was using drug store cleansers like the seaweed and cucumber cleansers from The Body Shop and Maybeline’s waterproof makeup remover. The former has a lotion like texture while the latter has the standard oil on top and liquid below fill.

Though both did ok for me, I can say neither worked as well as Pond’s cold cream. I don’t even have to use a freaking cotton pad to remove the makeup.  I just dip clean fingers in and scoop a 10 cent coin’s worth and massaged it onto my eyes and face in circular motions for about 10 secs, wash it off with water, and it’s gone.

And btw I am using it to remove Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner, a HG raved by legions on that it stays on your eyes all day . Be aware that it leaves an oily residue! So I usually wash my face with a facial foam after that. This is not an extra step since I already clean my face with  facial foam twice every day.

When I’m in the mood, I slather on a thick layer of Pond’s cold cream and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it off. Yes! It doubles as a wash off mask!!!!

If you actually read up about this cold cream, you will soon discover that it has been a vintage beauty staple for many people. Stories are shared with great enthusiasm about how their mums or grandmums had soft, porcelain and young looking skin because of this miracle product. They even use this as a moisturizer!

Put aside beauty uses, this cold cream has a myraid of other household uses, of one being a shaving cream for men. Finally, here’s a cheap and good beauty product that your man can also use.  Run a google search for its uses and you will see all its benefits.
How often do you find all of those uses in a tub that cost twice as cheap than your other drugstore/ luxury brands?


Aloe Vera gel has been gaining popularity now with exposure to the Korean skincare regime. This gel is cooling and moisturizing, yet gentle on skin. Best of all, its natural!
It is known for its ability to relieve and alleviate sunburns, or serve as a face and body moisturizer. But there’s even more than that! You can use it as a wash off mask or a sleeping pack. Just apply a thicker layer and leave it on overnight.
However, skin will feel a tad sticky afterwards as it requires more time to absorb into the skin.

It was also this aloe vera gel that tide me through bad nights when I was down with viral fever. I was burning up and even turning on the air con doesn’t help. A cool towel provides little comfort since it absorbs the heat very quickly from my forehead. I then had this crazy idea to put the gel on my forehead and I felt so so much better. The cooling sensation did not yield to my high body temperature, and needless to say, I fell asleep with the gel on.
Just be careful not to lie on your side as the gel will stick to your hair and pillow!

I also use this for my hair when I want some curls but don’t have any curling product to use. Just take some and scrunge it into your hair, bun it up and wait for 30 minutes.
I wouldn’t leave hair lying flat down because the gel might weigh the curls down… Also it may be sticky to the touch but usually after 30mins, the stickiness goes away.

I did mention in my Shara Shara Honeybomb review that I find myself reaching for my aloe vera gel more often than the honeybomb. And this is true, as the fresh, moist gel penetrates the skin more than the honeybomb.

I really like this gel alot because it is very natural and can be used for skin and hair. Its advantages was known since the start of time, and has been increasing ever since more and more people start finding uses for it.

If you grow this in your backyard, you can even use it to make desert! If you don’t, the gel form is readily available in many grocery stores. This stuff is cheap because aloe vera is abundant!

Now that I have these 3 staples, I really find myself reaching less for high end products that tear a hole in my pocket. Sometimes, these products don’t even work as touted. I still remember the day I paid 60sgd for a 60ml Biotherm moisturizer when I was just 15 years old.
Dang, all that money… could have been worth 70sgd now. 😦

I hoped I’ve shed some light and help you girls save some bucks. Because I sure as hell wished someone told me this earlier! 🙂

My Essential Oil Haul!


Yay!!! Imagine coming home after a long day of work + overtime, and you see a package lying on your table, something that you have just ordered only 2 days back.

Very efficient delivery and customer service! These 4 oils cost me SGD 76 @ 50ml per bottle. Affordable price, but the quality was exchanged for the cheap price.

Bottles were stained in the inner rims of the cap, which the seller said was oil stains. I am not enthusiastic to hear that because whether it is oil or not, it is still dirty and disgusting. I am certainly not a fan of oil stains that might degrade the quality of the oil that I am going to pour out of the bottle.

They did send me 2 plastic droppers for compensation, which I considered a  half-hearted effort to please the customer. I rather have clean bottles than plastic droppers like this!

If you’d ask me, I would not purchase from this shop again. I really wished I have purchased from Eden’s Garden instead.

Anyway these oils smell about the same as shops. They however smell less strong. The scent does not waffle in the air when I open the bottle.
But since I am using it for cosmetic purposes and not for aromatherapy, I really hope the quality is passable!!!

Again, I bought these four oils because they can be used for both face and hair.

Cedarwood has antifungal and antibacterial properties and acts as a mild astringent. This means it can bring relieve to itchy scalp and remove dandruff.
Using it on the face helps treat acne and also slow down oil production. It also helps reduce stress by inhaling it. I remember using a cedarwood mask from the brand Annie’s Way and fell in love with is therapeutic fragrance. However, cedarwood in its essential oil form smells really woody, not much like the mask I tried. But still, a whiff does bring some comfort to me. 🙂

Ylang Ylang is very soothing for skin and balances the skin sebum production. Topically it has been used to treat acne, and is also used in aromatherapy as an antidepressant by providing a lifting and relaxing mood. But what really attracted me to ylang ylang is its rich floral fragrance. This means it can be applied to hair as a fragrance while nourishing the hair at the same time!
Carrier oils have a faint nutty smell and ylang ylang will complete my hair oil blend with its floral scent! This was also why I got Geranium.

Geranium has a rosy fragrance and is both good for face and hair. I wanted to alter between these two scents and decide which one is the best for me 🙂

Clary sage oil is clarifying and antiseptic. It is also used to treat acne and is very good at that. It also clears scalp! But the main reason I bought it was mainly for household purposes. It will be used for aromatherapy when a family member is going to fall sick and as a healing moisturizer when someone has a bad fall.

I am so excited to share with you guys how to use these oils.. Mainly to make your own facial blend, and you will discover the effectiveness of using oil on your face! Its a miracle!!!

Till then, stay tuned and keep a lookout for a torrent of posts because its…. NATIONAL DAY WEEKEND!!!

Review: Ellips Hair Vitamin

Have you tried this yet?! These are hair treatment oils that come in tiny 1ml capsules. My sister passed a packet to me awhile back which was really convenient because I have been eyeing this product since forever. Whats not to!

This contains jojoba oil and moroccan oil as well as vitamins A, C, E & Pro vit. B5. No idea what that means but my hair likes the sound of it.


When I first saw this I wondered why do they choose to store it in capsules as compared to an air tight container. I guess contents in a container is still vulnerable to oxidation no matter how tight it is. But still, the elaborate design and color seemed quite useless to me.

Could have passed on the money spent on design in the form of cheaper price for customers as this is pretty expensive…

This is also a hassle to break. My clumsy fingers just couldn’t get it right. I always just end up breaking it with scissors.


I squeezed this into my palm. Apparently, it is supposed to be used after shampooing, on lightly towel-dry hair. Not supposed to wash it off either.

ellips hair oilThat’s all the oil in a palm. My hands are pretty small if you ask me, and there’s a lot of oil in just one capsule. I have thick mid-back hair and one capsule is more than enough to oil the whole hair.

This has a floral, fruity scent, very attractive. But I also thought I smelled a sulfur like scent on the undertones. However, when applied to hair, all that you can smell is just the floral fruitiness of it.

As rich as this hair vitamin sounds, it doesn’t really do wonders for my hair. Sure it is good for scent and as a basic oil but that’s about it. As a hair treatment, it should have done more than a basic oil.
It also does not come cheap.
Therefore, I am giving it a 2.5/5. I will only repurchase this if it is cheap enough to replace my current hair oil, which sadly it definitely isn’t.

Carrier Oil Spree


The oils that I have ordered from Amazon finally arrived today, EARLY! I know three bottles of stuff doesn’t really qualify for a spree but still, it costs me a hefty 40++ SGD.

I am really so happy to make this purchase after seeing all the good reviews from Amazon. I can’t wait to perform tiny laboratory experiments in my room and brew up concoctions stored in tiny little bottles.

The reason why I chose these oils apart from the rest is because these 3 are great both for the skin and hair. In this way I have plenty of uses for them instead of leaving them lying in corners after a few uses.

Also, I bought them in rank of absorption power. Avocado is the heaviest on skin, followed by sweet almond and then, grapeseed oil. I wanted to play around with the texture and get to understand my skin better.

Grapeseed oil is actually the lightest of them all, and I also recall using this grapeseed oil from The Body Shop which did wonders for my hair and smells so good! (Un)fortunately, this bottle doesn’t carry any scent. It just smells like… oil.

These oils have many benefits apart from just using it for hair and face. They also have healing properties for cuts and wounds. They can also be used for oil cleansing, which is an area I am not yet brave enough to venture.

You can make the most out of your oil by adding on essential oils to plump up the benefits. Unfortunately, essential oils are expensive and organic certified oils are pretty rare here. I probably will have to rely on Amazon again!

The essential oils that I am eyeing are:
– Lavender
– Geranium
– Lemon
– Frankincense
– Clary Sage
– Eucalyptus
– Sweet Orange
– Carrot Seed
– Sea Buckthorn
– Rosehip seed

I don’t really think rosehip is an essential oil, but I’ve read that it does wonders for your skin, and can be applied on the face directly whilst almost all essential oils have to be diluted with a carrier oil before application because of its potency.
Essential oilsshould be diluted to up to 2% of the carrier oil, which is a few drops. That is how potent it is!
Purchasing rosehip seed oil can be a tricky event as well since there are a lot of fakes out there. Rosehip seed oil should have an earthy scent. And should carry an amber hue.

Some said that rosehip seed oil is supposed to smell like fish. But that is only when your oil goes rancid, which is very possible because it oxidizes quickly.

Review: Labelyoung By Handmader Sonyu Oil (Blown over)

I get it… Confusing product name.
This is a product by Labelyoung and the series, if I’m not wrong, is coined “By Handmader”.
The specific product name is then Sonyu Oil.

Look at this crazy cute packaging!!!

This is a 90ml bottle that brings skincare to a whole new level of novelty. It is part cream and part oil, and requires shaking to combine these two together to provide a rich lather that will soak your skin in creamy goodness.

PackagingThis is supposed to deliver long lasting moisture, even more so than hydration creams, and gives a real nice glow. It claims to also remove old dead skin and protects from moisture loss! I would say it has lived up to what it claims…

This baby costs 11.65 USD, pretty much on the expensive side, but definitely worth your money!!!

Contains natural botanical ingredient that is safe for sensitive skin. Contains also honey extract, propolis, aloe vera leaf, shea butter, pomengranate oil, argan oil, jaguen oil.
If you go to KoreaDepart’s listing, you would see that this product is free from the typical 20 harmful ingredients found in beauty products. I love this product already.


If you know this product, you would know that you have to shake it to combine the cream and oil part together. However, because I store mine in the fridge, it looks like a solid cream all the way as the oil may have solidified. But when I first received the product at room temperature, the cream was at the bottom and the oil was sitting on top of the cream. It has two distinct layers, like the magic you see in waterproof makeup removers.


Before shaking

So I took it out of the fridge and its already solid. But I dont want to take any chances so I shook it all the same with all my might hahaha. For the sane users, 3 light shakes would certainly do the trick. (hehe)


After shaking

As you can see after shaking, it is lumpier. That’s when I know I did it right. You don’t want to just smear the oil on your face, which I actually absolutely would not mind because I LOVE OILS.

I love that they also provide a spatula for easy application. Careful though, using the spatula may fetch you more product than you need for application. Strangely, you just need a small dollop’s worth and it moisturizes like a charm!

Can I say this is a texture lighter than my Ponds WhiteBeauty Night Cream? It is like a cream gel. You will know what I mean if you have tried Biotherm’s aquasource gel.

This goes onto skin real smooth, though the face can be slightly oily afterwards because of the oil component. It really does have the oily feel but not so oily that one will cringe upon touching the face. In fact, I feel Dr. G’s moisturizer feels even more oilier on the skin despite its clean texture.
I would say this is a good oil.



Because this moisturizes like a charm, it is usually the 3rd and also last step of my skincare.
My normal skincare routine goes like this:
Wash-> Ampoule-> Serum-> Sheet Mask-> Moisturizer/ Sleeping Pack
With this oil I just skip my serum, mask and moisturizer.

If you apply this in the daytime, it gives you a dewy, healthy glow because of the oil component!!!
And the best part of it, my skin feels super soft.


This product is seriously effective for all that it is worth. My skin has never felt so moisturized consistently! Every single time I slather this on, I have been blessed with super soft AND moisturized skin. It is as if my happy skin is thanking me by looking and feeling better.
When I read the reviews of how good it was, I read it with a pinch of salt. How can putting oil and cream on your face be such a miracle? It all screams of pore clogging to me.
But this small tub blew me over!!!
It really gives me soft skin that no other product has. It does not clog my pores, and the moisture is indeed long lasting, something alot of products cannot achieve.
I live in a hot and humid climate, but there has been no problem so far.

I have not tried it under makeup, because there was no need to put any on considering that the oil already gives such a beautiful glow to the skin.

And I must say this has sparked my interest in facial oils!!!
I have been on a hunt on how essential oils can help better your skin! And I would love to share this information with you guys next time.
This Sonyu oil has other versions as well. And I can’t wait to try them all.

This is one of the miracle products that won me over like a storm. It is easy to apply and moisturizes like a dream. Bonus points for its cute packaging and product novelty! I would instantly give this HG a 5/5. Definitely will repurchase and get all the other versions!! Besides, this will take long to finish because you only need a small dollop to use.

You can safely say I am a lifetime customer.

*PS: I have combination type skin. And my sister is oily type skin. I can’t wait to let her try this product and let you guys know the result! We all know that oil to oil is a disaster, and she has been refusing adamantly. BUT… we shall see……